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Sleeping Beauty

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Lucy compatibiliza a sua vida universitária com encontros sexuais que a ajudam a pagar os estudos. Um dia oferecem-lhe trabalho como empregada de luxo para homens de classe alta. Apreciada pela sua chefe, Lucy não tardará a passar por uma prova difícil. A cada noite Lucy terá que tomar um comprimido, deitar-se-á numa cama de uma misteriosa casa e dormirá. Nunca ira saber o que aconteceu nesse período. Apadrinhada por Jane Campion, Beleza Oculta converte um clássico infantil num terrível conto de sexo e décors tão luxuosos como frios.


Julia Leigh

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Uma ideia subtil e sofisticada.

30 Dezembro 2016

"What a strange, ensnaring achievement, not least for a first-time feature, Sleeping Beauty is: no male director could have made it. "

Sukhdev Sandhu de Daily Telegraph


"“Sleeping Beauty” isn’t a perfect film, but it is, in many ways, near-perfect cinema—a unique story, untellable in any other medium, that resists both easy dismissal and glib praise, sinking into the mind with the ungraspable, all-pervading power of a dream"

James Rocchi de The Playlist


"Browning’s performance is bound to collect accolades even though the movie will scare off a lot of audiences and distributors, and Leigh (who has several other projects in the works) has firmly put herself on the map as a director to watch. "

Eric Kohn de Indiewire


"Julia Leigh's adaptation of her novel about a student drawn to prostitution is an elegant, if occasionally preposterous, debut. (...) It is technically elegant, with vehemence and control, though often preposterous, with the imagined classiness of high-end prostitution and art-porn cliches of secret sexiness in grand chateaux: shades of Eyes Wide Shut. (...) To some, the situation may call to mind Almodovar's Talk to Her or perhaps the denouement of Dennis Potter's Brimstone and Treacle. But there is force and originality in Leigh's work. Sleeping Beauty is an impressive technical display, though no more than the sum of its parts."

Peter Bradshaw de The Guardian


"Anyone still describing “Sleeping Beauty” as an “erotic drama” after its Cannes premiere can only have seen the marketing materials and skipped the movie; its atmospherics wound so tight that the breaking of a glass elicits an actual gasp from the viewer, we’re too busy fearing for Lucy to be remotely titillated by any of her exploits. Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty needed only a kiss to retrieve her from indefinite slumber; in Julia Leigh’s exciting, upsetting, only occasionally over-determined debut, such simple intimacy seems light years away."

Guy Lodge de Incontention