Santiago, Itália
Santiago, Itália

Santiago, Itália

Santiago, Italia

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Depois do golpe de Estado de Pinochet em Setembro de 1973, a embaixada de Itália em Santiago, no Chile, acolhe centenas de refugiados. Através de vários testemunhos, o documentário de Nanni Moretti retrata este período em que tantas vidas foram salvas graças a alguns diplomatas italianos.


Nanni Moretti


Nanni Moretti

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"To some people, the comparison with the current migration crisis may seem forced: the numbers and ideologies are different. But the human factor remains: audience members will leave Santiago, Italia with a broken heart because such instinctive solidarity seems to belong to another world today, and remembering it is more vital than ever. "I am not impartial," says Moretti in an emblematic off-camera conversation with a Chilean military man, who is still in prison and disputes his interview's lack of objectivity. Of course, us audience members already know that, and we love him for it."

Vittoria Scarpa de Cineuropa


"Santiago, Italia is written and directed by the politically insightful Nanni Moretti, who can be counted on to approach any subject from an unconventional and thought-provoking angle ... Used to Moretti’s outspoken swagger and barbed wit, fans will need to reorder their priorities for this incredibly straight documentary, made in the most classic way possible. "

Deborah Young de Hollywood Reporter