Rubber - Pneu

· 79min.

Algures no deserto californiano, espectadores incrédulos assistem às aventuras de um pneu com poderes telecinéticos, misteriosamente atraído por uma jovem muito sensual.
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Robert é um pneu sociopata e misantropo com poderes psicocinéticos que vagueia sem rumo pelo deserto da Califórnia, destruindo e fazendo explodir tudo o que encontra pelo caminho. Quando o seu destino se cruza com o de Sheila, uma atraente rapariga hospedada num motel de beira de estrada, a sua "vida" sem objectivos ganha um novo ânimo, fazendo nascer uma obsessão de difíceis contornos.

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Quentin Dupieux

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Áudio Francês • Legendas Português

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Comédia, Western
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" This weird road movie about a homicidal car tyre, by French musician Mr Oizo, is nowhere near as much fun as it sounds. It is, you’ll be surprised to learn, not the new Jean-Luc Godard film, but an exploitation road movie by Quentin Dupieux (aka French techno musician Mr Oizo). How could it not be brilliant? By, at 85 minutes, being an hour too long. By being arch rather than schlocky. And by wasting too much time on dull dialogue celebrating its “No Reason” philosophy. "

Sukhdev Sandhu de Daily Telegraph


" The film is intellectual wankery of the highest order in the sheepskin of a B-film of the lowest order (so stay alert!). Certainly my cup of tea, the movie is fucking magnificent, but your milage may vary. "

Kurt Halfyard de Twitch


" Maybe that last paragraph is a little tongue-in-cheek, but is there really any other way to approach this movie, either as a filmmaker or a critic? It's a movie about a tire that kills. It's going to either be a pretentious chore or an abusrdist masterpiece; fortunately, it is the second and is never really close to being anything else. "

Jay Seaver de eFilmCritic


" The biggest challenge Rubber presents is daring you to get your jaw off the ground. It’s a triumph of filmmaking that earns the right to be a pretentious prick. Most of Hollywood is all talk and no do; Dupieux came, saw and conquered. Hollywood better watch out. "

Brad Miska de Bloody disgusting


" "Rubber" asks a series of random questions about famous films, like why is E.T. brown, only to answer each time, "no reason." The story of a murderous tire with telekinetic powers, the film itself reps a kind of dumb, cinematic non sequitur from musician/ad man-turned-helmer Quentin Dupieux (who also wrote, shot, cut and scored "Rubber"). Neither scary, funny, nor anywhere near as clever as it seems to think it is, pic offers auds few reasons to want to see it beyond its one-joke premise. "

Rob Nelson de Variety