A Pianista
A Pianista

A Pianista

La Pianiste

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Uma mulher, professora de piano num conservatório, frequenta cinemas pornográficos e peep shows para escapar da influência dominante da sua mãe. Um dos seus alunos tenta seduzi-la. Filme vencedor de múltiplos prémios entre eles o Grande Prémio do Júri e Prémio para Melhor Atriz no Festival de Cannes


Michael Haneke

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Avassaladoramente perturbador. a melhor performance de Huppert

14 Maio 2020 (Editado)

"There can be no doubt of Haneke's extraordinary ability to generate scenes of nerve-jangling disquiet and intimately unpleasant trauma. He can simply put you in a place you don?t want to be, and keep you there."

Peter Bradshaw de The Guardian


"Most sexual relationships in the movies have a limited number of possible outcomes, but this one is a mystery. Another mystery is, what?s wrong with Erika? She is not simply an adventuress, a sexual experimenter, a risk-taker. Some buried pathology is at work.(...) There is an old saying: Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. "The Piano Teacher" has a more ominous lesson: Be especially careful with someone who has asked for you."

Roger Ebert de Chicago Sun Times


"Pic joins a number of recent Gallic excursions into the sexual twilight zone such as "Romance," "Baise-Moi" and "Intimacy" in pontificating loftily on the kind of punishing coitus you probably never want to have. Opening intriguingly, with a taut first half distinguished by genuinely transgressive moments and a fascinatingly prickly characterization from lead Isabelle Huppert"

David Rooney de Variety