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Bilal tem 17 anos e vem do Iraque. Deixou a sua terra, pouco depois de a namorada ter emigrado para Inglaterra, com o objectivo de a voltar a ver. Mas ao chegar a França, no porto de Calais, depara-se com muitos emigrantes ilegais que também tentam chegar a Londres. É então que Bilal decide aprender a nadar para atravessar o canal da Mancha. Na piscina municipal, o rapaz conhece Simon, um instrutor de natação e o seu cúmplice nesta perigosa viagem.


Philippe Lioret

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"The movie hit French screens trailing clouds of controversy after a government minister complained of its sympathetic view of illegal immigrants and those who give them aid or shelter. But Lioret hangs his polemic on a strong, simple story line that will engage audiences worldwide and appeal even to those who take a more restrictive view than the filmmaker on such issues (...) Lioret is able to achieve this seamless blend of the domestic and the social -- the hopeless situation of the immigrants is portrayed with near-documentary realism -- thanks to an impressive performance by Lindon, whose characteristic shamble and hangdog expression have rarely been put to better use."

Bernard Besserglik de The Hollywood Reporter


"an emotionally affecting drama that reinforces Philippe Lioret’s reputation for classic Euro filmmaking at its smoothest. "

Jay Weissberg de Variety


"'Welcome' puts you so completely into the shoes of a young man facing almost insurmountable obstacles that you feel a profound empathy not only for him but also for all who are ready to risk everything for the dream of a better life (...) One of the film’s achievements is to put you just as much in Simon’s shoes as in Bilal’s. "

Stephen Holden de The New York Times


"By keeping the focus firmly on the personal relationship between the two men - and by making them fully rounded characters with genuine strengths and weaknesses - Lioret lifts his story out of cliche and into a place where emotions flourish. Lindon is masterful in the role of Simon, like a world-weary cross between Daniel Auteil and Peter Mullan, while Ayverdi brings just the right mix of youthful fervour and fearlessness to the part of Bilal. "

Amber Wilkinson de Eye for Film