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A extraordinária vida de Séraphine de Senlis, uma mulher nascida em 1864, que foi uma empregada antes de se transformar numa pintora e mergulhar na loucura.


Martin Provost

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"Making a film about the life of an artist is a risky proposition. The paint box arrives full of clichés and unexamined assumptions about the creative temperament, and these grow more assertive if mental illness is part of the biographical material (...) There are exceptions. Maurice Pialat’s 'Van Gogh' (1991), one of a slew of movies about that unhappy genius, is one, and 'Séraphine', Martin Provost’s new film, winner of seven Césars, including best film, is another. "

Martin Provost de The New York Times


"'Seraphine' arrives from France as the year's most honored film, winner of seven Cesars from the French Academy, including best film and best actress."

Roger Ebert de RogerEbert.com


"Sensitively exploring such issues as the relationship between sanity and creativity and the class divisions that long kept its central figure from receiving her due, 'Seraphine' is a moving if somewhat lugubrious drama that benefits greatly from Moreau's powerfully complex lead performance. The actress beautifully manages the difficult feats of illuminating the darker reaches of her character's mind and the artistic fervor that drove her to create in spite of all obstacles."

Frank Scheck de Hollywood Reporter