Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai

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Índia, Austrália

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Drama, Thriller

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Esta é a história do ataque terrorista ao luxuoso Hotel Taj, em Bombaím, no ano de 2008. No meio do caos, os funcionários do hotel arriscam a vida para manterem todos a salvo e fazem sacrifícios impensáveis para se protegerem a si e às suas famílias. 


Anthony Maras

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"A small amount of relief: In “Hotel Mumbai,” the writing duo persistently emphasizes the complex humanity of the characters. In that, we are not just watching a jingoistic, thinly sketched battle between the good and the bad. There are shades of nuance in the good here and an abusive hierarchy within the evil, delicately portrayed not to make the audience feel for the terrorists but to help them understand the chilling indestructibly of terror networks and the terrorist mindset. The ones that murder dozens at random in the hotel are a group of merciless yet disposable men; brainwashed by religious lies, radicalized and sent to carry out massacres by the powerful those who coldly give commands at the other end of a phone line."

Tomris Laffly de


"Anthony Maras, in his feature debut, brings a Hitchcockian feel for suspense and a documentarian’s eye for detail to the brutal events ... Maras deserves credit for not reducing the assassins to villainous caricatures. They’re more like brainwashed pawns in a political game. Even in the chaos of bullets and bombs — kudos to ace cinematographer Nick Remy Matthews — Maras creates a sense of actual lives hanging in the balance. "

Peter Travers de Rolling Stone