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Fay Grim

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Hal Hartley


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Fay Grim, uma mãe solteira de Woodside, Queens, em Nova Iorque, tem medo que o seu filho de 14 anos, Ned, cresça e se torne igual ao pai, Henry, desaparecido há sete anos. O irmão de Fay, Simon, está a cumprir dez anos de prisão por ter ajudado Henry na sua fuga. No silêncio da sua cela, Simon tem tido tempo para pensar sobre os anos tumultuosos da presença de Henry entre eles – narrados em Henry Fool (1998), um filme anterior de Hal Hartley. Simon suspeita que Henry não é o homem que aparentava ser. As suas suspeitas são confirmadas quando a CIA pede a Fay que viaje para Paris para recuperar os bens de Henry. A sua missão transforma-se num jogo de enganos, lançando Fay no mundo da espionagem internacional.

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"In an inspired bit of casting, Jeff Goldblum — whose own stop-start delivery mixes well with Hartley's trademark deadpan banter — joins the party as a U.S. government agent who persuades Fay to travel to Europe to collect several missing volumes of Henry's "Confessions" which have unexpectedly emerged. On the continent, Fay becomes a pinball pawn bouncing among a slew of foreign agents and assassins, including Saffron Burrows as a long-legged Israeli and Hartley regular Elina Löwensohn as a shadowy figure of dubious origin. The films of Hartley have always been lyrical, full of harmonious touches ranging from the rhythm of his dialogue, and the quality of his visual compositions to the music he uses, often composed by the writer-director himself under the name Ned Rifle. They also often follow an almost absurdist formalism. Although "Fay Grim" is clearly of a piece with his previous films, it marks new generic territory for the filmmaker. "Amateur" had aspects of the Hitchcockian thriller, but this film feels like Hartley has been handed a Bourne or a Bond movie to direct and maintained his own style and low-budget aesthetic while thoroughly enjoying and deconstructing his new toy."

Kevin Trust de Washington Post


"Hartley asume algunas convenciones del cine de espionaje para dinamitarlas con su estilo variante, reversible."

Quim Casas de El Periódico


"Hal Hartley tries to get his mojo back in "Fay Grim," an eight-years-on sequel to his best film, "Henry Fool." The dexterous literary voice is present in force, the performances tart and the use of high def among the best yet on a limited-budget bigscreen feature. But the purposely overwrought, archly acerbic tone has drifted into facetiousness which combines with an ever-more far-fetched plot to the point where the picture seems to disappear around the dark side of the moon. Hartley's always-modest fan base has retreated so far after his last two, scarcely seen efforts, "No Such Thing" and "The Girl From Monday," that it will likely take more than this to win them back. "

John Hopewell de Variety


"While deftly working the visual tropes of the spy-thriller genre, “Fay Grim” carries them into the realm of the absurd (...) it suggests an uneasy fusion of “Syriana,” “Casino Royale,” “Zelig” and “The Da Vinci Code,” with an Austin Powers smirk."

Stephen Holden de NY Times